Meet #STUKGIRL Natalya!

#stukgirl “Natalya” Illustration by STUK Founder Brette Sims

Natalya is a fierce super hero of a woman. Her powers include: Balancing multiple talents, twerking, working at super human speed and strength, and creating strong, positive atmospheres of love wherever she goes. She BOLDLY decorates any fierce creative space.”

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Our art imitates life. STUK Designs is motivated and inspired by the same women we aim to motivate and inspire. Keep up with the real Natalya!

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Music: Disclosure ft. Ria Ritchie – “Control”

You know we #stukgirls can’t get enough of disclosure! They’re one of our absolute faves because they always manage to get our energy just right and ready for the celebration that is life no matter what mood we’re in. After keeping our nose to the grind all week, why not lose “control?” Get into this party starter featuring Ria Richie and have a blast this weekend! Xo.

“Staring in your eyes
I felt my desire
You can’t take control
Of the love we fight

Control, show me
Take control, show me
Show me control
You’re not what you wanna look

You and me will take control, control
And with this time make it all on
You and me will take control, control
And with this time make it all on”

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STYLE: #STUKGIRL Based Dashiki Vibes

Words & Photos by STUK Blog Editor Crystal Clear | Styled & Rocked by STUK Founder Brette Sims

We are loving prints for early fall! And paired with our #stukgirl pins they’re the perfect way to make the most of an indian summer. The runways have been doused full of cultural statement pieces and it don’t get more realer than a dashiki! This look offers enough coverage to fend off those cool breezes in fun, bright colors that help us to forget about the fall. Get some weekend outfit inspiration and enjoy your own personal never ending summer!

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Monday Motivation: “Fall Back!”

Photo by STUK Photographer Nisha J| STUK Model: Stacey Bournes | Words by Crystal Clear

“Fall Back”

Seeing that fall is upon us, it’s only appropriate that we allow ourselves to fall back- and I’m not talking about the time. For those not hip to the lingo, one’s “fall back game,” can be defined as her or his ability to remove oneself from an unwanted situation. Energy vamps are out there and they’ll suck the life out of you, if you let them. It’s too easy to give life to people and situations that just don’t deserve our time or attention, so you gotta keep your fall back game strong. However, that’s not always the easiest thing to do. So this morning I had a chat with my cousin, and we came up with these three easy ways to keep your fall back game on point!

1.) If it’s not something you really want to get involved in, get out before you do.
Sometimes we just find ourselves in sucky situations not even knowing how things got to that point. For example, you start off maybe going a little bit out of your way to help a friend and next thing you know, your just in way too deep. The best way to not end up there, is by not going there. Be conscious of what you are willing to do or not do. Even if you don’t communicate your boundaries- which you should, just setting them will help you to sidestep the hogwash.

2.) Don’t say, just do. The key to falling back is to just do it. Don’t make any grand exclamations about your fall back plans. It’s really a sensitive thing and someone might take it the wrong way. Besides we’re not trying to burn any bridges here, just easing up a little bit. So be nice and easy in your approach. You can fall back gradually over time or you can just simply switch up. How you choose to fall back and to what degree is specific to the circumstances, but whatever you do, just don’t announce it.

3.) Following through means accepting consequences.
Say you actually do fall back from a situation… you go girl! Now all you have to do is follow through. What’s the point of exercising all that fall back if you’re just gonna end up reverting back to square one? Stick to your guns by accepting the outcomes of your decisions. If being less involved isn’t really what you want, then perhaps you need not fall back, but rather confront what’s making a desirable situation so painstaking.

If some one challenges your fall back, and believe me they will, continue to #DOYOU. We have but this one experience in this life and in this body. Your time is best spent making each moment meet its beautiful potential. Fall back from the bull!

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Style: Ethical Fashion!

Photos by STUKGIRL Nisha J | Featuring STUK Career Woman Madisen Sowers | Words by Brette Sims

It could be just me, but when in line at CVS or on a clothing shopping mission, and the cashier begins putting my items in a plastic bag, I get a little stressed out. I rather just stuff my purchases in my own over sized purse. Growing up in the Bay Area my mother was a HEAVY recycling advocate and now, while shopping, I can’t help but be a little environmentally conscious. I’ve had boyfriends look at me like I’m a little crazy as I go on rants about how they should use a paper bag instead or opt out of the dreaded, plastic bag.

Did you know 1.2 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year? One million plastic bags are used each minute and most times we use those bags for only about 12 minuets before we just throw them away again. I’m just saying- the world is such a beautiful place. Why not do our part to preserve it fashionably? Shop our fun, feminist, eco-friendly #STUKGIRL totes here!

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Style: #STUKGIRL Pins!!

Photos by STUKGIRL Nisha J | Featuring STUK Career Woman Madisen Sowers | Words by Crystal Clear

Oh, heyy!! #stukgirl pins are up for grabs in our shop! We’ve been gifting them at our art shows and now you can get them wherever you are. These mini- illustrations are the perfect way to accessorize all day, er’day. Structured for re-wear and durability, you can jazz up your key pieces without ever taking them off. Nothing like a little #STUKstyle to amp up your swag!!

shop #stukgirl pins here!

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Music: FKA twigs – Water Me

We are pretty obsessed with FKA Twigs. She’s just so dreamy, so emo, so eclectic, so deep and SO very STUK! Her unique style and voice inspire us. She in essence IS art and even in this very simple video with just her face, she embodies art. She blows our mind and feeds our souls! Check out this video!

“He won’t make love to me now
Not now, I’ve set the fee
He said it’s too much in pounds
I guess I’m stuck with me

He told me I was so small
I told him “Water me
I promise I can grow tall
When making love is free”"

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Quote of the Week: Anthon St. Maarten!

H.B.I.C. #STUKGIRL Illustration by STUK Founder: Brette Sims

“Never surrender your hopes and dreams to the fateful limitations others have placed on their own lives. The vision of your true destiny does not reside within the blinkered outlook of the naysayers and the doom prophets. Judge not by their words, but accept advice based on the evidence of actual results. Do not be surprised should you find a complete absence of anything mystical or miraculous in the manifested reality of those who are so eager to advise you. Friends and family who suffer the lack of abundance, joy, love, fulfillment and prosperity in their own lives really have no business imposing their self-limiting beliefs on your reality experience.”

-Anthon St. Maarten

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STYLE: #STUKGIRL Tassel Shorts

Photos by STUK Blog Editor Crystal Clear | Styled & Rocked & Worded by STUK Founder Brette Sims

It’s all about the detail! We wanted to tell y’all how we made these fun tassel high waisted shorts. It’s hella hot in Cali today and indian summer is full in effect in early October- so we think these shorts are perfect for end of summer fun! We purchased some high waisted shorts at SWAY Boutique on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley. SWAY is HANDS DOWN our favorite Bay Area Boutique! After we got the shorts we headed over to a fabric store to buy a few yards of black tassels to sew to the ends of the shorts. Tassels are inexpensive, just be sure to measure the width of your thighs so you get the correct length of tassels. Tassels come on a connecting strand of fabric so they are easy to sew on to the bottom edge of shorts. Sew them on the inner rim of the shorts and it’s that easy! You may want to trim the tassels if they are too long when you try on the shorts once done! We pared this look with some fun ring bling – a heart ring and a mood ring!

Get creative and try out this D.I.Y ladies! Xo

Materials you will need: Scissors, Tassels, Shorts, Needle, Thread , measuring tape

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Film: Not Waving But Drowning

The other night I discovered ‘Not Waving But Drowning’ on Netflix Instant Queue. This film is oh-so STUK. The film chronological’s growing up and growing pains. The film title is derived from a poem by Stevie Smith, in which a drowned man whose distressed and thrashing in the water has been mistaken for waving, not drowning. This film is formed from two different stories: The first is based on the short story ‘The Most Girl Part of You’ by the acclaimed American author, Amy Hempel. Dark yet sweet, the story brings rushing back the excitement of those moments when you know childhood is gone and your real life is just about to begin. The second story, Not Waving But Drowning is less about growing up and more about growing out. Growing out of old friendships, growing out of your skin and growing out of who you thought you wanted to be and even growing out of the town you live in. Leaving small town life in the dust, Adele (Vanessa Ray) moves wide eyed to New York City, while her best friend Sara (Megan Guinan) stuck in their hometown. Separate for the first time in their lives, the film charts new relationships with boys, girls and eccentric old ladies (Adam Driver, Isabelle McNally, and Lynn Cohen).

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[Her] Career: Madisen Sowers

Photos by #STUKGIRL Nisha |Direction by #STUKGIRL Ashley Martinez & Styled by Paige Thomas| Interview by Brette Sims

“A STUK Designs Career Woman is an entrepreneurial woman of strength and balance, who focuses daily on what she loves in the form of [her] career while simultaneously inspiring others to reach for their own creative career goals.”

Name: Madisen Sowers
Career: Designer
City: Venice (Los Angeles)
Zodiac Sign: Aries

We caught up with our most recent Career Woman, Madisen Sowers in front of her adorable new Venice apartment. We walked through the narrow Abbot Kinney alley’s, lined with bright fuschia flowers, and the beach only a block away, to find Madisen in great spirits. She had just painted her new place floor to ceiling with black chalk board paint, which we are sure will shortly be cluttered with her gorgeous illustrations and genius design idea’s. Madisen is only 22 and head designer at Dimepiece LA. Her story, her discipline, and her drive drew in our hearts and endlessly inspires us. Take a journey down the motivational career path of Madisen!

Please describe for us, what it is that you do?
Currently, I’m the head designer at Dimepiece Los Angeles. – its a women’s streetwear brand. I’m the head designer. I work very closely with my partner, she’s a graphic designer. We design a lot of graphics for both Dimepiece and our diffusion brand, Dime – which is at Urban Outfitters, Zumiez, and Pacsun – so it’s super crazy busy. And then, while I’m doing that, I’m taking a few classes at Otis. I’m taking 3D modeling; because I want to do 3D modeling for clothing, and I also do a lot of programming. My dad run’s a tech company, so I’ve always done coding.

What lead you to your current position?
I love art! I loved art even when I was in high school, but I was a full time athlete, I played volleyball. I was going to go to Pepperdine for Volleyball, but I saw Otis and I thought, “I don’t wanna be an athlete, I just wanna draw!”. So, I actually attended undergrad at Otis for illustration. And then I ended up taking a deign class there, and I just loved the functionality. I started working when I was a freshman, so since I started working in design that early, I got super ahead.

Do you have a 9-5 or a side hustle to sustain your creative career?
My main job is working at Dimepiece, while my side hustle, is my own line, which includes jewelry and clothing. I want to have my own brand, but I need to work for a few more brands first. If ya wanna be a CEO, ya gotta know it all.

What is an average work day for you like?
My average work day is kinda crazy. I wake up at 6am everyday – I’m like the most disciplined girl. People like think I’m nuts lol. I workout everyday. I get to the Dimepiece office by 10am (it’s downtown and I just moved to Venice). I’m usually at the office from 10am to midnight, unless I have class. I have class 2 days a week at Otis, I’m taking some continuing courses. I hang out in Abbot Kinney, which is why I moved here. All my homies live here. I live next door to my best friend. I like don’t go out, I just work. I like… date myself.

Who do you surround yourself with?
I keep my circle super tight. It only includes people who are working just as hard as I am, people who are super positive, and people who are like family. I like REAL, GOOD, people. I like friends who don’t wanna hang out all the time, and people who are cool with the fact that I can’t hang out all the time.


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Music: About The Money – T.I. feat. Young Thug

What would the end of summer be without a dope TURN UP song…? That’s right, pretty dull. So here’s one that’s kept us oh-so dopely hyped this summer. Because, really… if it ain’t about the money, it better be for the love. HAPPY FRIDAY!!! TURN UP!

“If it ain’t about the money
Don’t be blowin’ me up, n*gga I ain’t gettin’ up
If it ain’t about the money
Ain’t no use in you ringin’ my line, stop wastin’ my time
If it ain’t about the money
Nah I can’t even hear what you say, I ain’t finna do shit
If it ain’t about the money
Bitch, you can miss me with it, b*tch n*gga miss me with it
Turn UP!”

Hit us up on twitter @STUKDESIGNS and let us know how much your feeling this dopeness. Xo.

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