STYLE: ‘Indian’ Summer Looks

Photos by STUK Blog editor Courtney Mcculloch | Styles rocked by Brette Sims

So… In California, we have what we politically incorrectly call, “Indian Summer” aka late summer. For us (especially in the Bay Area) summer really gets crackin in August and carries through September. So summer ain’t over yet yall! We thought we would throw you ladies some end of summer looks to spice up your last days of hot weather and summer fun. This look is Jimmi Hendrix inspired. We wanted to rock out the central piece of the look (the Jimmi T-Shirt) with some edge. We paired the tee with some FLY sunnies exclusively by #THINKREESE, white chunky creeper shoes, and high waisted denim shorts – that STUK creative director, Brette Sims hand sewed black tassels onto. The tassels really rock out this look and if you are catching some end of summer concerts of dance parties, TRUST US, they are the BIG fun to dance in!


Sunglasses: THINK REESE
Jimmi Hendrix T-Shirt: EMP Museum (Seattle)
Shoes: SWAY Boutique (Telegraph Ave, Berkeley)
Shorts: SWAY Boutique (Telegraph Ave, Berkeley)
Shoes: SWAY Boutique (Telegraph Ave, Berkeley)

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STUK on Giving: The R.E.A.D Project

Yay! It’s time to give again! Philanthropy, is one of our deep passions as STUK women, so we are feeling blessed for the opportunity to give to the R.E.A.D. project for the second year in a row! The R.E.A.D. project is dedicated to changing the lives of orphaned school children in Nairobi, Kenya. The Resources for Education Advancement and Development project provides textbooks to children’s homes, empowers girls through reading clubs, and sends students to university on scholarship. R.E.A.D. also hosts Girls LitClub, “a series of reading and writing workshops for girls that taps into their extraordinary strengths as learners, thinkers and leaders,” as an auxiliary of the program. We couldn’t be more STUK on this cause!

THIS Sunday, September 6th
10797 W Washington Blvd.

STUK Designs has donated three STUK GIRL framed prints by our Founder and Creative Director Brette Sims. The art will be auctioned off to raise money. We encourage you to donate whatever you can or come out and support! There will be music, drinks, #STUKGIRL prints to purchase with proceeds 100% going to charity, and the event will be held at a FUN Culver City bar! Any amount you give makes a real difference! Go HERE to donate and see a scale of what your donation to this powerful cause can go to. For more information or any questions about how to contribute to the organization contact: Spread the word and spread some love!


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Music: Kiesza – “Hideaway”

Kiesza is killin’ it!! “Hideaway” is just a dope ass song, but this video… is life. The Canadian born Capricorn uses about a dozen dancers to werq her way around a New York City block. And here’s another mind blower- the director of photography, Blayre Ellestad, captured all this in one take! Get your girlfrans into this video, because a choreography snippet at your next dance party is pretty much a must. Also, shoutout to her #bunlife mohawk. Enjoy!

“Taking me higher than I’ve ever been before
I’m holding it back, just want to shout out, give me more

You’re just a hideaway, you’re just a feeling
You let my heart escape beyond the meaning
Not even I can find a way to stop the storm
Oh, baby, it’s out of my control, what’s going on?

But you’re just a chance I take to keep on dreaming
You’re just another day that keeps me breathing

Baby, I love the way that there’s nothing sure
Baby, don’t stop me, hide away with me some more”

Hit us up on twitter @STUKDESIGNS and let us know how much your feeling this groove. Xo.

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Style: STUK X REESE “DAJANA” One Piece!

STUK Photographer Achiamar Lee- Rivera | Styled & Rocked by STUK Founder Brette Sims | Words by Crystal Clear

Not too long ago STUK founder, Brette Sims got to collaborate on some swimwear with our dear friend, affiliate and art client, Reese! The resulting Dajana one piece has become a serious summer staple! We just love how fun, cultured, and optical the STUK Designs x reese swimwear is and this piece in particular is a killer standout. STUK Photographer, Achiamar Lee- Rivera, shot some awsome flicks of our founder living her life at the Ace Hotel rooftop pool with some other stuk goodies in tow- or shall I say ‘tote?’… Don’t miss out before they sell out!

shop Dajana one piece now!!

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STUK Renaissance Woman: B6


Photos by STUK Photographer Achiamar Lee- Rivera | Styled by Pagina Thomas | Interview by Crystal Clear

Only Brittney Scott could make a sad face cool. And, what’s dope about her signature sad girl face art tag, is how happy it makes people. She transforms sad into happy through the combination of art and humor, and for that, we dig her – because it is also our mission to make people happy through the use of art. Brittney Scott has worn the crown of a well known DJ on the Los Angeles EDM scene, a fashion model for American Apparel, and is now focusing in on her booming street art career that she kind of just fell into. That’s the beauty of life, isn’t is? As we evolve, we can all fall into our true paths! B6 is now a digital graffiti artist like none you’ve ever seen! We had SO much fun shooting her for this piece. We walked through downtown LA and caught up with her while shooting in various locations. Our cover photo was spontaneously captured when a DTLA native (James) persistently followed us on our shoot for a good 20 minuets. He provided us with a few laughs and some great images! Brittney is fun, spontaneous and her energy rubs off on everyone she interacts with! We adore her quick and quirky take on our Renaissance Woman questionnaire. For an online art slanging’ DJ, this girl is as off the grid as it gets. Seriously, catch her while you can. If you’ll be around for the Downtown LA Art Walk on Thursday, be sure to swing by and see her first physical art show! You can RSVP and clock the deets for the show here, but in the meantime get to know this unconventional Renaissance Woman. Meet B6!

Your name: B6

Your age: 72

Your zodiac sign? Scorpio- Sagittarius Cusp

Where are you from? San Antonio/ Los Angeles

What’s your focus, passion, and contribution to the world?
I want 2 make ppl happy however possible

How do you do it and who do you do it with?
art, the internet, ppl

What are you working on at the moment?
other art
thinkin bout twitter

What does your art mean to you?
i hope that my art makes ppl happy

What does love mean to you?
everything ppl do should be driven by love
its v important
its a nice feeling

What would you like to get across to your viewer?
2 be confident and independent
2 express emotions
2 care for and respect every1
do what makes u happy n don’t be embarrassed by it


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Events: Oakland in Blue Rough Screening!

Words by Crystal Clear

Recently we #STUKgirls had the opportunity to create and collab with sunrae films founder, Robbin Rae, to add to their latest project, “Oakland in blue: A Short Film.” STUK founder and Creative Director, Brette Sims, designed and animated the above title logo for the upcoming movie short while STUK Designs Blog Editor and CFO, Crystal Clear, went to work as a character wardrobe stylist, production assistant, and even does some acting in a small role. The short film is both written and directed by Robbin Rae, who put up a hell of a hustle to self- produce the short. It was tremendously inspiring to witness Robbin wrap up filming the short despite some pretty major setbacks. Literally almost everything that could go wrong, did- but Robbin Rae just doesn’t stop. She stayed on her grind day and night to keep things moving and now “Oakland in blue: A Short Film” is here!! Check out the trailer below and be sure to join us at the BEtty Ono gallery for a rough screening of the short! There will be live performances fresh off the oakland in blue original soundtrack and a chance to cop some v exclusive and limited #OIB merch!!

Betti Ono Gallerypresents
“Oakland in blue: A Short Film”
by Robbin Rae
1427 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612
Thurs. July, 17 7:00- 9:00 PM

download the oakland in blue original soundtrack here!!!

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Quote of the Week: Valatin T.

#stukgirl “Ivie” Illustration by STUK founder: Brette Sims

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Monday Motivation: “The Art of Journaling”

Photo by STUK Photographer Nisha J| STUK Model: Sky Hannah | Words by STUK Founder Brette Sims

“The Art of Journaling”

Journaling is such a simple art that most of us forget how important it is. But in journaling we can find peace, become centered, and just document some dope life happenings. The other day Lollie told me, “keep a gratitude journal. BE SO GRATEFUL, because human tendency says we could have 99 percent going right and we focus on that one percent.” I thought that was a profound point. Writing things down often opens us up to the full picture and full magnificence of life! Whether you journal about what you are grateful for, cool shit that happened in your day, or to release emotions, writing can be a pretty therapeutic practice. Journaling is one of the easiest ways to accelerate personal development. It has taught so much about myself and lead me to all sorts of epiphanies and revelations, both beautiful and hard to swallow. At the end of the day I find I have so many aimless thoughts swirling around in my head. It is so refreshing to gain clarity by putting those thoughts down on paper. And sometimes… you realize… the things you are most worried about and stressing over look pretty silly on paper. I think we should all have a little evolving book of inspiration. You may end up writing yourself down a colorful path of self discovery. It is a beautiful life and your adventure deserves to be documented! So get FREE, and keep writing!

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Style: #STUKGIRL Pins!!

Photos by STUK Photographer Achiamar Lee- Rivera | Featuring STUK Renaissance Woman Whitney Jeffries| Words by Crystal Clear

Oh, heyy!! The wait is over ya’ll! #stukgirl pins are finally up for grabs in our shop! We’ve been gifting them at our art shows and we love seeing ya’ll rock them. They’re the perfect for accessorizing your accessories and make any top, hat, or backpack pop! These mini- illustrations are structured for re-wear and right on trend for summer. Inject some instant, artsy #STUKstyle into your summer swag!!

shop #stukgirl pins here!

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Music: AlunaGeorge – “You Know You Like It”

We are so totally STUK on AlunaGeorge! The electronic music duo from London, consists of Aluna Francis on vocals and songwriting with George Reid on production and instrumentation. They rocked our world at Coachella and we just can’t get enough. Get into one of our favorite cuts, “You Know You Like It,” – an oldie but goodie accompanied by a sickening visual. Xo.

“Some people want me to be heads or tails
I say no way, try again another day
I should be happy, not tipping the scales
I just won’t lay, letting my life get away

I’m no fool, no, I’m not a follower
I don’t take things as they come, if they bring me down
Life can be cruel, if you’re a dreamer
I just wanna have some fun, don’t tell me what can’t be done

You know you like it but it drives you insane
You know you like it but it drives you insane
You know you like it but you’re scared of the shame
What you want, what you gonna do?
You know you like it but it drives you insane
Only ’cause you know that you wanna feel the same
You know you like it but it drives you insane
What you want, what you gonna do?”

Is Aluna’s hot track driving you insane? Send us a tweet to @stukdesigns and let us know!

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Meet #STUKGIRL Bella

#stukgirl “Bella” Illustration by STUK Founder Brette Sims

Bella is a fierce queen. She knows who she is, what she wants, and lives life by no ones standards but her own. Bella is socially aware and her fashion reflects her inner confidence. Let this fashionable feminist and intellectual swag some confidence into your creative space.”

shop #stukgirl bella here!

Our art imitates life. STUK Designs is motivated and inspired by the same women we aim to motivate and inspire. Keep up with the real bella!

follow bella on instagram!!

Interested in working STUK? Shoot us an e-mail to and we can get started on a collaboration today!

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Photography: #STUKGIRL Street Art X OGPenn

Photos by Pendarvis H. | Words by Crystal Clear

#STUKgirl street art is our way of reaching out to the masses and we just love how its opened the doors for new collaborations. In lieu of our street art, STUK founder and creative director, Brette Sims, got to shoot with documentary photographer, Pendarvis Harshaw, better known as OGPenn. The two Oakland natives took a little trip through their hometown where ogpenn documented Brette as she prepped and posted some #STUKGIRL street art. We love what happens when two creatives get together and are so stoked about how perfectly Pendarvis was able to capture the #stukgirl street art process. Take a gander at these frozen moments and be sure to check out ogpenn’s photo essay for more!

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